Matthew Nash has choreographed over fifty ballets on a wide variety of subjects including psychology (Pseudologia Fantastica), HIV/AIDS (Sky Promise Fugue) both commissioned by the Hartford Ballet, and his love for the classics (The Nutcracker) and (Trouble on the Line) both for his own company Splinters & Shards. In addition, Nash has created, directed and choreographed numerous unique and innovative dance/theater that highlight his interests in language: The Elements of Style (based on the primer of English usage by Strunk & White), photography: Allure (based on the book by Diana Vreeland), decoration:  Handbook of Ornament (on a text by Franz Sales Meyer), television: The Ben Casey Ballet (using a 1960s vintage teleplay), fashion: the full length Twelve Most Famous Fashion Models of 1952 (based on imagery of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn), his travels in Mongolia (Five Particular Women), and Western, Filipino and Native Alaskan Tlingit cultures celebrating the Winter Solstice (Winter Brilliance).

Nash plays off the weight and articulate torso of modern dance against the lift, precision, and steps of ballet. These he uses with real imagination.
Lynn Garafola Dance Magazine

Nash possesses a witty, chameleon-like stylistic fluency and a wide range of reference. . . Nash’s ideas are usually so clever, and his methodology so clear, that we “get” his jokes right away.
Robert Sandla The Village Voice

He is that rarity: a downtown soul who loves ballet, which he uses as an unlikely ingredient of his mixed-media performance art.
Lynn Garafola Dance Magazine