Matthew Nash is a noted composer. His original music includes song cycles for soprano (Handbook of Ornament), baritone (Counterclaim, text by E.B. White), contralto (Talk of the Town, from The New Yorker), and men’s chorus (In the Winter of Cities, poetry of Tennessee Williams). He has also composed for piano and synthesizer (Straight Run Naphtha), modern gamelan (Incidental Music and Esquisse) and string quartet (Title Search).

In the Winter of Cities is a fine, fine setting of poetic text. Tender, memorable, balanced lovingly against the poetry – and sung with gentle charm. This score, along with those of Auction News and The Elements of Style, affirms Nash as a man whose work should be heard as well as seen.
Barry Laine New York Native

In The Winter of Cities is a beautiful haunting piece that has the delicious intimacy of two voices whispering in the dark.
Georgette Gouveia Gannett Newspapers

Strong praise must also be granted Nash as composer. His previous dance-music compositions have been genial and intriguing; these particularly memorable and delicate art songs offer a rare balance of melody and poetry.
Barry Laine The Advocate