Matthew Nash has choreographed a wide range of theater productions including Blaise Pascal (Belgian, Dutch, and television productions), Tom Stoppard’s Travesties and Goethe’s Faust Part II (Rideau de Bruxelles, Belgium), Beauty and the Beast and Getting Gertie’s Garter (Playwrights’ Horizons), Carnival, Oklahoma, and Fiddler on the Roof (Millbrook Playhouse). At Millbrook he was Director/Choreographer for Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Some Enchanted Evening.

Choreographer Matthew Nash and his dancers have established solid, workable steps. The show really rolls when it’s moving. But it is the dream sequence which is Nash’s crowning glory.
The Express

Matthew Nash is drawn to issues of style, whether in writing, theater or fashion. He has an eye for line and sleek visual effect. And his wit can be wickedly telling. But Mr. Nash’s Allure goes beyond all that in a feat of theatrical juggling that has resulted in a piece that is surprisingly touching.  
Jennifer Dunning The New York Times

Matthew Nash is a rare creature in the ballet word, a choreographer with a passion for language. The Elements of Style is a dance about the principles of good writing; it brings punctuation, phrasing, and lively language to life in a witty and glamorous fashion.
Elizabeth Zimmer Dance Magazine